Interdisciplinary Practice

Lectures by Jo Berry and Michael Shaw, an Introduction to their Work


Hijacking Natural Systems: Jo Berry

This project explored the interface between art and science using the arts to help broaden public understanding of the molecular action of medicines. 

Berry had been undertaking her own scientific research project as a stimulating theme for new artistic installations. The aim of the project was to help communicate underlying science to a wide public audience, beyond those who might normally attend science exhibitions or art galleries to view Contemporary Art. 


Dirty Digital: Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw discussed his sculptural practice in relation to the benefits of drawing on expertise, equipment and materials from varying disciplines and how this can enhance the development of dynamic singular form in sculpture. 

He also outlined his approach to his project Dirty Digital under the auspices of Bridging the Gaps, through which he intended to explore the sculptural interface between the digital and analogue, and to ascertain the consequences of repeatedly passing geometry from one realm to the other. This naturally entailed a multi-disciplinary approach uniting areas including ceramics, fine art, animation, design and technology, manufacturing, engineering and, if viable, chemistry, material science and others.