Since graduating from London's Royal College of Art, where Henry Moore personally funded Atkin's MA Sculpture, John Atkin has exhibited his work worldwide, from Southend and San Francisco to Fuzhou, China. Recent publications on Atkin's output focus on references to cultural heritage within the contemporary landscape; his research interest lies in public art and the interaction it provides people with artwork.

John Atkin's sculptures have global appeal, changing 'space' into 'place'. Public art builds community landmarks and meeting points for generations and cultures to come. His work has been the subject of widespread media interest and editorials that focus on his public sculptures, here in the UK & overseas. 

Of his recent workStrange Meeting was commissioned by Beijing Municipal Government and is exhibited in the Beijing Olympic Park. The artwork celebrates the Olympics' cultural emphasis: "One World One Dream". Collaborative sculpture Hard Bop focuses on the regeneration of the Fillmore District of San Francisco. With AXIS Architects, John Atkin delivered a coherent public realm that addresses the locale's indelible heritage as the home of West Coast Jazz.  

Atkin has also recently completed a landmark sculpture for the City of Fuzhou. The Silk Road is part of an international exhibition of large-scale sculptures that celebrate the opening of China's first Youth Games. The  4.4m stainless steel sculpture now stands tall, in pride of place, in this 8M populated city south of Shanghai.

John Atkin's studio practice continues to be a vital element in the development of his work. He embraces all aspects of cross-disciplinary heritage and culture within the context of re-shaping public space.